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E-Statements are a more convenient monthly report.

Keep your account information safe, secure, and easy to access with E-Statements. When you sign up for E-Statements, you’ll receive your account statement in digital form via email and you can also access it in Online Banking.

Why are E-Statements better? For starters, they’re more secure than having paper statements sitting in your mailbox. They’re also easier to organize, manage, and access when you need to review your account information. Think about it: instead of digging through paper files, you can access previous statements in seconds in Online Banking. E-Statements are a greener alternative to paper statements, too.

Put your financial data right where you can find it.

Your monthly bank statement is packed with information that can help you track spending and fine-tune your budget. But it’s easy for the paper version to get buried in a random pile somewhere in your home. E-Statements are accessed directly on your computer, meaning they’re right where you can find them with just a few keystrokes.


Signing Up

  • Receive an email at the beginning of each month when your e-Statement is ready.

  • Securely access your statement through Online Banking.

  • Track account balances, checking expenditures and savings progress, or track down specific transactions.

  • Easily access previous months’ statements.

  • Reduce paper clutter in your house and do a good deed for the environment.

  • Eliminate the risk of your paper statement – with all your identifying information – getting lost or stolen in the regular mail stream.

• Log in to your Online Banking account using our app or your computer.

• Choose “Statements” in the main menu.

• Click the “Delivery Preferences” button at the top of the page.

• Choose “Electronic.”

• Next, choose “All Accounts” or specify certain accounts to get the e-Statements.

• Enter your email address to receive e-Statement notifications.

• Then click the “Submit” button.

Some products may not be available to apply for online. In this case, please visit one of our United Bank branch locations.