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Personal Convenience Services

Look what we can do to make your day a little easier.

Let us save you some time. Or secure your valuables. Or help with your gift-buying needs. Or offer wiggle room when it comes to your checking balance. At United Bank, we offer all kinds of services that make a difference in the lives of our valued customers.
Your day often begins before sunrise and it's still going strong as the clock strikes midnight. We know what that's like. With our digital banking tools, you get to choose the most convenient moment to manage your money. Even better, you can take care of things from pretty much anywhere life takes you.
Online Banking
  • Access your accounts at no cost 24/7
  • Get up-to-date balances
  • Transfer funds between United Bank accounts or move money from other financial institutions
  • Use Bill Pay to get bills paid quickly. With Expedited BillPay, you can make same-day or next-day payments for a small fee.
  • Make person-to-person payments, also using BillPay
  • Schedule loan payments in advance
  • Review your transaction history
  • View cancelled checks
  • Order new checks
  • Set up notifications that alert you to important account activity
Mobile Banking
  • Our free, user-friendly mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google play
  • Check balances and transfer funds
  • Make quick bill and loan payments
  • Deposit checks from anywhere with your smartphone camera
  • Review recent transactions
  • Find the nearest ATM or branch locations
  • Find information about reporting a lost or stolen debit card
  • Turn off your debit card or set limits on card transactions
  • Set up notifications that alert you to important account activity
Someone hands you - or mails you - a check. That's a good thing! But it's just a piece of paper until the funds end up in your account. These days, you can skip the trip to the bank and make lightning- fast deposits with your handy smartphone camera.
  • Deposit personal, payroll or government checks from your home, workplace or almost anywhere else
  • Endorse your check as usual, adding the phrase "For United Bank mobile deposit only."
  • Snap photos of the front and back of the check
  • Using our mobile app, transmit the images to United Bank
  • You'll receive electronic notification that your deposit has been received
  • Funds are often available for use the next business day
Mobile Deposit FAQ
What is required for my mobile deposit?
A picture must be taken of the front and back of the check. Federal Policy states that all mobile deposit checks should be endorsed for “Mobile Deposit Only”. You can do this by writing “For Mobile Deposit Only” or checking the box on the check, indicated for mobile deposit endorsement on the back of the check. We enforce this policy to protect not only you, the customer, but the bank as well.

What if my deposit was rejected due to a mobile deposit endorsement not being present and needs to be resubmitted?
All mobile deposit checks should be endorsed for “Mobile Deposit Only”. You can do this by writing “for mobile deposit” on the back of the check, or checking the box indicated for mobile deposit. Once you do either of those two options, re-deposit your check as you did before. Check your secure messages through your UB Mobi app or your email on the account if additional details are needed.
What do I do if I get an error message regarding my mobile deposit?
There are multiple options you can try to resolve the issue,
  • Try and take the picture of the deposit on a different background with better lighting. Always use a background that contrasts again the background of your check – an example of this would be a white check against a black background
  • Clean your camera lens of any oils and dirt and avoid as much glare as possible
  • Make sure the entire check is inside the frame shown on your device screen
If you continue having issues and need further assistance, please contact eBanking at (251) 581-9008 or (251) 581-9004.
What does conditional credit vs available credit mean?
  • Conditional credit: Your deposit was submitted properly and is currently being processed. It will show in your current balance. You will receive the funds upon final approval.
  • Available credit: The funds from your deposit are now in your available balance and have been approved and the transaction completed. These funds are now available to use. 
Is there a limit on mobile deposits?
There is no limit on mobile deposits unless a limit has been placed on your account by your account manager. Please contact eBanking at (251) 581-9008 or (251) 581-9004 if you suspect a limit has been been placed erroneously on your account.
What happens if I deposit the same mobile deposit more than once?
Only one of the deposits will be accepted and approved and the other will be rejected as a duplicate deposit.
What methods can be used for mobile deposits?
Deposits can be made using the UB Mobi app or by signing into Online Banking on your mobile device.

What do I do with a check that I just deposited? 
After confirming that the check has been deposited into your account, properly secure the item for at least 30 calendar days. 

What can I do if I no longer have the check that needs to be resubmitted?
The customer can call the issuer of the check and have them re-issue another check in its place, then redeposit the new check into their account. 

What times are mobile deposits reviewed and processed for availability?
Deposits are reviewed and processed Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

What if I get an error message stating that I do not have access to the account selected for mobile deposit? 
Please contact the eBanking department at (251) 581-9008 or (251) 581-9004 for further assistance.
Sure, Debit Cards are nothing new - but they're still the most versatile financial tool in your wallet. Make fast purchases. Withdraw cash at thousands of ATMs and enjoy cutting-edge security features that protect your finances and personal data.
  • Make purchases online or wherever Discover cards are accepted
  • Generate a detailed list of transactions that can help you track your spending
  • Link your card number to your smart-phone for one-tap mobile wallet purchases
  • Get same-day card replacement at nearly every United Bank branch (except for East Brewton)
  • Enjoy peace of mind with Discover's fraud and ID theft protection
  • If you have questions regarding your Discover Debit Card, contact your local United Bank branch or call 800-423-7026

You don't have a traditional checking account. Maybe you're trying to teach your teen about financial responsibility or you'd rather not carry lots of cash when traveling. Here's the answer: A pre-paid debit card. Load it with any dollar amount. Use it to make purchases online or in stores. And then load it up again whenever it runs low.

  • Obtain cards at United Bank branches
  • Have funds direct deposited onto the card anytime
  • No credit check required - an account for everyone1
  • Get cash from an ATM, cash advance at banks and cash back from point-of-sale purchases2
  • Free text alerts and email alerts3
1A credit check is not required to obtain The Advantage Account, however the account may be offered as an alternative to our traditional checking services based on information obtained in a credit report as part of that account opening procedure.
2See complete fee disclosure on the card carrier or fee product guide.
3Standard text rates and carrier fees may apply.
When will my money be available?
Funds are available immediately upon loading the card or when a card-to-card transfer is completed.
Where can I use my Advantage Account Pre-Paid Debit Card?
The Advantage Account Pre-Paid Debit Card can be used to make purchases or cash withdrawals everywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted.

When using my Advantage Account at an ATM, which selection (checking, savings, etc) do I choose for withdrawing funds?
You will want to select CHECKING at the ATM after you enter your PIN number for balance or cash withdrawals.
Is there a limit to how many times I can withdraw cash?
You may access your card balance as often as you like and make withdrawals up to your available balance. However, there may be a transaction fee associated with each withdrawal. For specific withdrawal limitations and other applicable fees, please refer to the documents received at card enrollment.
How much can I withdraw at one time?
You may use your card to withdraw up to a maximum of your available balance or up to $500 per day at an ATM, however the maximum amount may be subject to limitations imposed by the owner of the ATM. You may use the card to make purchases or get cash in a branch of any financial institution up to maximum of your available balance or $5,000 per day.
How can I obtain all the funds on my card if my balance is below the ATM cash withdrawal minimum?
You can obtain cash amounts below the ATM minimum by requesting cash back at a point-of-sale location or by cash advance from any participating bank.
How do I set up text or email alerts for my Advantage Account?
You can choose text or email alerts when registering your card or visit anytime to turn on these options.

What do I do if I forget my PIN or need to change my PIN?
You can call the toll-free Advantage Account customer service line 24/7 at 1-800-416-6373 to receive assistance or visit online customer service at

What if my Card is lost or stolen?
Your Advantage Account provides 24-hour toll-free support. Immediately report a lost or stolen card by calling 1-800-416-6373. A replacement card will be issued and any available balance will be transferred to the new card.

What should I do if a store clerk asks me to press "debit" or "credit" when I make a purchase with my Advantage Card?
Simply select "credit" if you want to sign when making a purchase with your Advantage card. Press "debit" if you are making a PIN based purchase or if you want cash back with your purchase.
What if the purchase is denied?
The card's available balance is probably less than the purchase amount. You may inform the merchant of the remaining balance on the card and use another form of payment to pay the difference, subject to the policy of the merchant. Also, please be aware that use of the Advantage Account at some merchants - for example, restaurants gas stations and mail-order companies - requires the card have an available balance greater than the purchase amount to ensure sufficient funds for tips or incidental expenses.
Can the card ever have a negative balance?
Normally, any authorization request that is greater than the card's available balance will be declined. However, there may be a situation when a MasterCard merchant puts an item through without prior authorization. In the unlikely event that a negative balance situation occurs, the amount of the negative balance will be automatically deducted from the card reload.

1A credit check is not required to obtain The Advantage Account, however the account may be offered as an alternative to our traditional checking services based on information obtained in a credit report as part of that account opening procedure.
2See complete fee disclosure on the card carrier or fee product guide.
3Standard text rates and carrier fees may apply.
*Customer will incur $2.50 fee if a convenience check is issued to close a Premier Advantage Card. Schedule shows fees imposed by United Bank, unless prohibited by applicable law. Additional fees may be imposed by others in connection with this card program. The Advantage Card is accepted anywhere MasterCard Debit Cards can be used, including ATMs.
Most of us lead busy lives. Almost every day, there's money going into and out of our checking accounts. At United Bank, we know it's easy to lose track of exactly where your balance stands. That's why we offer overdraft protection services that keep your payments on track and help get your finances back in order.
Sweep Account: Link a secondary account - checking,  savings, or Money Market - to your primary checking account. If your primary account dips into negative numbers, funds will automatically be transferred - or "swept" - into it from the secondary account to cover the shortfall. Fees may apply.
Overdraft Protection Line of Credit: You may also apply for a special loan fund to cover checking shortfalls. This protects you from having payments denied for insufficient funds. Funds are automatically transferred from the credit line anytime you exceed your checking balance. You'll receive a monthly statement detailing any outstanding balance on the credit line. Fees may apply.

Overdraft Privilege: Overdraft Privilege is a service we add to your checking account to cover inadvertent overdrafts, subject to eligibility criteria explained below. With Overdraft Privilege we will generally pay your overdraft items up to $500 total. However, we reserve the right NOT to cover your shortfalls.
  • We typically decline to authorize payments if your account is not in good standing, you are not making regular deposits, or you have too many overdrafts.
  • The dollar amount of the overdraft items, plus all applicable fees, are included in this $500 limit.
  • All subsequent deposits to overdrawn accounts are applied to the negative balance.
Overdraft Privilege Eligibility: No application is required for Overdraft Privilege - eligibility is at the sole discretion of United Bank and based on you managing your checking account in a responsible manner. Overdraft Privilege may be suspended or permanently removed based on the following criteria:
  • You do not bring your account to a positive balance within 30 days of becoming overdrawn.
  • You are more than 30 days past due on any United Bank loan or delinquent on any other obligation to the bank.
  • You are subject to any legal or administrative orders, levy, or are currently a party in a bankruptcy proceeding.
  • You have an outstanding balance on an Overdraft Repayment Plan.
  • You are a minor.
  • An Equifax or any other negative credit rating indicator has been reported to us.
  • Your account is classified as dormant.
  • Your account type is not eligible (i.e. Gateway Checking)
  • Your account is being reviewed for fraudulent activity or transactions
  • We do not have a valid address for you
  • We believe you are not managing your account in a responsible manner.
Additional Information
  • Overdraft Privilege is available for all checks written, in-person withdrawals, ACH transactions, pre-authorized automatic transfers, Online Banking and telephone banking.
  • Overdraft Privilege is NOT available for ATM and everyday debit card transactions unless you authorize the bank by completing an ATM/Debit Card Consent Form.
  • If you request Overdraft Privilege for ATM transactions, please verify your balance before initiating an ATM withdrawal. Each overdraft withdrawal will be subject to a separate fee until the account returns to a positive balance.
  • If you do not want Overdraft Privilege, contact us and we'll provide you with an opt-out form. It's important to understand that by opting out you are instructing us to reject and return all payments for which there are insufficient funds. If you opt out, you will still be charged a returned item fee.
  • Please be aware that holds placed on your account for pending electronic transactions - such as hotel or rental car deposits - reduce your available balance and may cause your account to become overdrawn.
  • We monitor accounts for chronic or excessive use. If you have more than six overdrafts in a 12-month period, we will contact you to discuss alternatives and/or continued use of Overdraft Privilege
We offer check cashing that's fast, easy, and affordable. Bring just about any kind of check - personal, payroll, pension, government, insurance, or tax refund - to a United Bank branch, and get your cash immediately upon approval. It's easy to enroll in this service and no checking account is required.
  • US Treasury/printed payroll checks: 2% of check amount, with $3 minimum
  • Other check types: 3% of check amount, with $3 minimum
  • Money Orders: 5% of total amount, with $3 minimum
The best place to store important documents, irreplaceable valuables and one-of-a-kind heirlooms? In a bank that offers first-rate security at an affordable price. At United Bank, our safe deposit boxes are offered in a variety of sizes, with each designed to give you the ultimate peace of mind.
  • Boxes are available at these branches: Atmore, Bay Minette, Daphne, Flomaton, Foley, Frisco City, Lillian, Monroeville, Pace, and Semmes. Call for sizes, prices and availability.
  • Each authorized renter will sign a contract at the time the safe deposit box is established.
  • Each time the safe deposit box is entered, an access card must also be signed.
  • For your protection, bank personnel carefully monitor access to the safe deposit box area.
  • Any person attempting to gain access to the safe deposit box must be listed on the contract.
  • Contents of safe deposit boxes are not FDIC insured.
All-steel construction for durability and strength. Spacious, felt-lined interiors to prevent damage to belongings. That's the type of place you want to store documents and other valuables. At United Bank, our storage compartments offer reliable and easy-to-access alternative to safe deposit boxes.
  • Access your PSC anytime during normal business hours. You don't need a bank employee to accompany you.
  • No keys are required to enter your PSC - a four-digit PIN is all you'll need.
  • You must have United Bank checking account to rent a PSC
  • Fees are $30 every three months, or a reduced one-time annual charge of $100. Payments are electronically debited from your United Bank checking account.
  • PSCs are available at United Bank's Magnolia Springs, Jay and Milton locations
  • Personal Storage Compartments are not designed to offer the same security features as a traditional Safe Deposit Box or Vault. PSCs are not FDIC Insured.
There are so many smart reasons to sign up for E-Statements:
They’re better for the environment.
Going paperless is an easy way to save a tree and produce less waste.
They’re more secure.
Getting your statements digitally is much more secure than having paper statements sent to your home mailbox.
They’re easier to use and store.
You can download and save statements to your computer and access them easily any time you need them.

They’re free.
It doesn’t cost anything to go green, be more secure, and enjoy additional convenience.
How to sign up for E-Statements:
  1. Login to your online banking account using the app or your desktop computer.
  2. Choose "Statements" in the main menu.
  3. Click the "Delivery Preferences" button at the top of the page.
  4. Next, choose "All Accounts" or specify certain accounts to get the e-statements.
  5. Choose "Electronic."
  6. Enter your email address to receive e-statements notifications.
  7. Then click the "Submit" button.
Once notified, your e-statements will be available to review when you login to online banking.

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