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Money Markets

Money Market Accounts: The perfect combination of earnings and access.

Want to earn more interest but still have easy access to your money? A Money Market account is for you. They’re a smart, simple way to earn more interest than with a traditional savings account but without limiting access to your money for a certain period of time like other accounts. We offer two Money Market accounts, one that pays the same interest rate on your balance and another that pays you higher rates on higher balances. Here are the details:


Money Market Account/United Money Fund.

This market is always headed in the right direction.

No complicated rules. No sweating any ups and downs. No locking funds away for months and years at a time. Unlike many other investments, Money Markets are a simple, sure-fire way to earn higher interest returns and add some momentum to your overall saving efforts.

  • $2,500 minimum initial deposit

  • Money Markets generally feature higher earnings rates than traditional savings accounts

  • Immediate access to funds through Online Banking1, special checks or at United Bank branches

  • Free United Bank smartphone app with mobile check deposit1

  • Itemized monthly statements included, with paper-saving e-Statements available

  • Avoid $15 monthly maintenance fee by keeping minimum daily balance of at least $2,500

  • $10 fee if account is closed within 180 days of opening

Tiered Rate Money Market Account. An account that entices with its earning potential.

When you work hard and get results, you deserve to be rewarded. At United Bank, we believe that should be true with your career - and your personal finances. That’s why we offer a multi-tiered Money Market Account that pays higher rates as you successfully build up your account balance.

  • Minimum initial deposit of $15,000

  • Money Markets generally pay higher rates than traditional savings accounts

  • Access funds quickly and easily through special checks, Online Banking, our free app or at United Bank branches

  • Interest rates are subject to change daily

  • Interest paid monthly to account balance at time statement rendered

  • $20 service charge if balance drops below $15,000 any day during monthly cycle

  • Secure savings tool with deposits up to $250,000 insured by FDIC

• Tier 1: Up to $14,999.99

• Tier 2: $15,000 to $29,999.99

• Tier 3: $30,000.00 to $74,999.99

• Tier 4: $75,000.00 to $299,999.99

• Tier 5: $300,000 and over


Signing Up

1 Fees may apply for some services within Online Banking or Mobile Banking. Cell phone text and data rates may apply.