Business Solutions

Merchant Services

Do you own a business?

Do your customers have the ability to pay with a credit card or a debit card?

Would it be beneficial to your business if your customers could pay with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Credit or Debit Card?

If the answer is yes, United Bank has teamed up with Payscape to provide business customers with the equipment and the ability to accept payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards and debit cards. This is called Merchant Card Services.

Payscape also offers an entire suite of business solutions including check guarantee services. Businesses can increase sales because it is convenient for customers to use their credit or debit card to make purchases. Contact your local United Bank office for more information.


  • Acceptance of All Major Credit and Debit Cards Available
  • Merchants May Buy Equipment Directly from Payscape
  • 24/7 Help Desk (888) 453-4538
  • Facebook Store and E-Commerce Platforms Available
  • Internet Based Reporting Available to View Activity Online
  • Next Day Funding With Batch Times as Late as 8 PM CST
  • Payscape Provides Merchant Training for POS Equipment, Information About Sales, Credits, Chargeback, Manual Imprinting Procedures, Retention and Settlement
  • Payscape Offers Website Development Customization
  • Authorization Equipment/Terminals Available, Including: Internet/POS Based, Handheld, Pin Based and Chip Enabled

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Remote Deposit Advantage

Banking on your terms...
Make deposits without ever leaving your business? It’s like having a bank in your office! At United Bank, we are pleased to offer our remote deposit product, Deposit Advantage. This cutting edge technology provides businesses a new way to streamline payment processing. With Deposit Advantage, you can expedite check processing, access funds faster, receive earlier notification of returned items, and eliminate daily trips to the bank. Not only is the service convenient for you and your business, it is also very easy, safe and secure to use


  • No Trips to the Bank to Make Check Deposits
  • Deposit Cutoff for Same Day Credit is 5 P.M.
  • Make Deposits When it's Convenient for You
  • Deposit to Multiple Accounts
  • Set Up Security Levels for Users
  • Improve Cash Flow Through Accelerated Clearing and Improved Availability
  • Personal Accounts Can be Added

How this service works...

1.) Enter your deposit amount & number of items
2.) Scan the checks to be deposited
3.) Approve & Send

Why use Deposit Advantage?

Convenience – There is no need to make daily trips to the bank. Deposit Advantage allows you to deposit checks from the comfort of your business! By doing this you can save time and increase employee productivity.

Cash Flow – Cash flow can be improved through accelerated clearings and improved availability

Reduced Risk – The faster you make deposits, the faster your items clear, and the faster you receive return check notification.

Flexibility – No longer are you constrained to make deposits when branches are open. Make deposits when you want – Days, Nights, Weekends! The choice is yours!

For more information, please contact Abby Wiggins at 800-423-7026 or

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ACH/Cash Management

Your Online Cash Management Service

Whether your business is small, large, just starting out or well established, Cash Management gives you access to the financial information you need to make critical business decisions anytime day or night. Through United Bank's Internet Cash Management service, your company can complete important business banking and cash position decisions at your convenience.

  • Balance Reporting
    You'll never have to wait for your monthly statement to reconcile your account register. Balance reporting allows you to get a full report of the current or previous day's transactions.
  • Payroll Direct Deposit
    Eliminate the cost of writing and distributing checks, and offer added convenience to your employees.
  • Sub-User Administration
    Increase efficiencies by conveniently assigning specific account access, dual control privileges, and transaction limits to your employees independently.
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payments
    Put the control in your hands. With our Electronic Tax Payments service, you can directly initiate an "ACH CREDIT" for different types of federal tax payments, such as 941 payroll tax deposits.
  • Collect Payments
    Save time by replacing invoicing with EFT payments from authorized consumer accounts. Use our Collect Payments template to originate EFT payments from your consumer accounts by written authorization. 
  • Quicken Download
    Transactions will be reconciled against any transactions already entered in your account register, as well as matched against any transactions you have already entered to eliminate duplicate download entries.



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Business Online Banking

Online Banking keeps you a step ahead.
Whether it is simply viewing your account history and paying your bills or a business using Cash Management to direct deposit your payroll, United Bank has an online solution for you. Our unique Online Banking offers many features that can be customized to fit your needs. 

If your online banking was part of our recent conversion and you need assistance, click here for our Online and Mobile Banking resource page. 

Bill Payment
Cash Management

Interactive Checkbook Register
Interactive Checkbook Register allows you to categorize expenses and spending for better tracking, the new check register is your own personal finance manager.
With our check register, you can:
Add customized transaction descriptions and assign transaction categories from both the Quick History and History search results pages.
Select one or more transaction categories to a filtered history search.
Access income and expense summary and detail reports from the advanced history search page.
Customize your category list, including adding custom categories. Access your category list from either of the history pages, or from the User Preferences section in User Services.

Finance Center
Just one Web site to view all your pass-word-protected online accounts including bank, credit cards, brokerages, utility and insurance companies. You can even add frequent flyer miles and catch up on the news.
It's easier to manage your budget and your personal business when all of your online accounts are available from one, easy location. Visit our Web site, click on "Finance Center" and sign-up today.

Future View
All pending online transactions, such as transfers or bill payments will be added to the future view register projecting a resulting balance from each transaction up to 30 days in the future. You are also able to add recurring offline transactions such as payroll deposits and insurance drafts to the future view register to be included in the projected account balance.

Account History Download
The available file formats are the following:

MSMoney: The MSMoney feature allows you to access your account history and download this information directly into your MSMoney software on your PC. Your downloaded transactions will be reconciled against any transactions already entered in your account register. MSMoney also automatically matches any transactions you have already entered in your register to eliminate duplicate download entries.

Quicken® Web Connect: The Quicken WebConnect feature allows you to access your account history and download this information directly into your Quicken® software on your PC. Your downloaded transactions will be reconciled against any transactions already entered in your account register. Quicken® WebConnect also automatically matches any transactions you have already entered in your register to eliminate duplicate download entries.

QuickBooks® Web Connect: The QuickBooks® WebConnect feature allows you to access your account history and download this information directly into your QuickBooks® software on your PC. Your downloaded transactions will be reconciled against any transactions already entered in your account register. QuickBooks® WebConnect also automatically matches any transactions you have already entered in your register to eliminate duplicate download entries.

Account Summary
Need to know what checks have paid or did you forget to post your payment to the telephone company? Look here for the most current account information.

Transfer Funds
1. Account Transfer - Transfer funds between your United Bank checking and savings accounts.
2. Credit Line Advances - Request an advance and deposit it to a United Bank account.
3. Loan Payment – Make your loan payments from one of your United Bank accounts.


Now we can communicate with you, our customer, whenever we have new products and services, or other important information to share with you. This is just one more way to let you know what’s going on at United Bank. This feature also allows you to e-mail us with questions or comments.

User Services
Internet customers can use this feature to edit their account address, phone number and e-mail address information. In addition, Internet customers may also assign nicknames to their accounts for quick reference.

View Statement
Do you ever misplace your statement when it is time to balance your account? Peace of mind is now only a mouse-click away with online statements!

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Web Payment Options

UniPay Direct

UniPay Direct is an internet based payment processing system designed to meet the specific needs of schools, professional offices, municipalities, counties and other government offices.

In today’s economy, you need to offer payment options that will improve your revenue stream. With UniPay Direct, your customers can make payments online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via ACH debit from a checking account, credit or debit cards. This easy to deploy system will give your customers the ability to pay when, where and how they desire through a secure, stat-of-the-art system.

UniPay Direct uses the latest technology to help you speed up collections, all while providing secure convenience to your customers.

UniPay Direct allows you to provide a variety of
payment types to your customers such as:

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Taxes & Bill Payments
-Cable Bills
-Electric/Utility Bills
-Insurance Payments
-Trash, Sewer & Water

Vital Records Requests
-Birth Certificate
-Death Certificate
-Marriage Certificate

School Payment & Fees
-Athletic Fees
-School Lunch

Fees, Permits & Licenses
-Dog License
-Facility Rental Fees
-Country Club Dues
-Parks & Recreation Fees
-Slip/Water Use Fees
-Parking Tickets
-Records Request Fees

Professional Offices

Visa Platinum Purchasing Credit Card

Ideal for large organizations looking to simplify the payables process and to have more control over spending through advanced reporting features.

  • Pay-in-full with no annual fee*
  • Cash back rebate (paid annually)
  • Enhanced expense management 
  • eZBusiness online account management
  • Central bill pay
  • Custom purchase controls
  • ERP system integration
  • Department cards at no added cost
  • Removes payments cost and friction
  • Supplier discounts
  • Fraud monitoring and Zero Fraud Liability
  • Email and text fraud alerts
  • Business Concierge service
  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver**
  • Purchase & Extended Protection
  • Lost and Stolen Card Reporting
  • Emergency Card Replacement
  • Verified by Visa®
  • Emergency Cash Disbursement
  • Travel & Emergency Assistance
  • Zero Fraud Liability
  • Identity Theft Assistance

*See application’s terms and conditions. This card is issued by TCM Bank, N.A. Subject to credit approval.
**To activate coverage, complete the entire rental transaction with your card and decline the collision damage waiver coverage if offered by the rental company. Restrictions apply if you have personal automobile insurance covering this theft or damage.


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Lockbox Services

Accelerate cash flow and reduce processing costs.

  • Improve cash flow with faster, more efficient collections
  • Shorten your receivables cycle
  • Eliminate time and cost of manually processing collections in-house
Wholesale Lockbox - A faster way to turn receivables into working capital
  • Minimize float to speed collections and funds availability
  • Save time and increase accuracy by automating processes
  • Improve information float, allowing you to work exceptions and apply cash quickly
Retail Lockbox - A simpler way to manage a high volume of payments
  • Accelerate cash flow by reducing mail and processing float
  • Improve productivity by eliminating slow and costly in-house processing
  • Gain more control over working capital with automated collection and reporting
Combined Wholesale and Retail Lockbox - A custom solution to meet your challenges
  • Secure and efficient solution to meet your exact needs
  • Streamline receivables processing by combining business and consumer payments in a single workflow


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Advantage Prepaid Cards

The United Bank Advantage Card is a reloadable pre-paid debit card that combines the flexibility and benefits of a checking account with the convenience and security of a pre-paid card. It's ideal for those unable to obtain a traditional checking account, parents looking for a solution for students and for those who want an added layer of security for travel and online shopping.

Advantage Prepaid Card Frequently Asked Questions
For support, card activity, moving funds and more, click here.
Advantage Prepaid Card Fee Disclosure *No charge to employers unless United Bank cash management is established - see business solution manager for details.

With the Advantage Card, cardholders have access to the following features and benefits:

  • Have Funds Direct Deposited Onto the Card Anytime
  • No Credit Check Required – An Account for Everyone1
  • Use Anywhere MasterCard Debit Cards are Accepted
  • Pay Bills Online Anytime
  • Eliminates Check Cashing Fees and Waiting in Line
  • Get Cash from an ATM, Cash Advance at Banks and from Point of Sale Purchases2
  • Bilingual Client Support 24/7 Toll Free at 800-416-6373
  • Free Text and Email Alerts3
  • Check Balances at
  • Personal Online Financial Tools Included for Budget and Account Management

As a Second Chance. . . .
For clients who have had challenges in the past or may not meet the requirements to obtain an account, The Advantage Card will open the door to many of the same tools and money management features that a traditional checking account would include. There is no credit approval required for this account and funds can be loaded in the branch or directly deposited. It's a great way to avoid long lines and fees associated with cashing your check.

For Students . . .
From books to gas to entertainment, today's young adults want the flexibility that comes with a personal card option. With The Advantage Card, students learn money management without the risk of overdrawing their accounts. The Advantage Card's online tools allow for real-time balance inquiries and account tracking. Students still have access to cash at ATMs and point of sale transactions. It's an ideal solution for students away from home or for young adults who want additional financial freedom with reduced risk.

For Travel and Online Purchases . . .
Protect yourself from online fraud and theft with a pre-paid Advantage Card. By loading only the funds you plan to use on vacation for those specific online transactions, you avoid the risk of someone gaining access to your daily checking account. The Advantage Card is accepted anywhere MasterCard Debit Cards can be used including the ATM when you need cash on the road.

1 A credit check is not required to obtain The Advantage Account, however the account may be offered as an alternative to our traditional checking services based on information obtained in a credit report as part of that account opening procedure.
2 See complete fee disclosure on the card carrier or fee product guide.
3 Standard text rates and carrier fees may apply.

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Deluxe Corporation Link Disclaimer

As of July 1, 2015, United Bank is partnering with Deluxe Corporation for Personal & Business check orders. If this is the first time you have ordered checks since then, you need to contact your local branch or call 800.423.7026 to place your order. If you have ordered checks since July 1, 2015, please click continue to proceed.

If you choose to continue, you will be taken to Deluxe Corporation's website. The inclusion of this hyperlink does not imply any endorsement, investigation, verification or monitoring by United Bank of any information on this site. United Bank is not responsible for your use of the hyperlinked site.

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