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U B Mobile

What is U B Mobile?

U B Mobile is United Bank’s mobile banking service.  U B Mobile will give you instant connectivity to your United Bank accounts anytime, anywhere using the browser on your mobile device.  Our mobile service allows you to access account details, history, and check account balances.  In addition, U B Mobile will allow you to make immediate internal transfers.

How to enroll

U B Mobile requires no enrollment or applications to download.  Once you access www.unitedbankmobile.com through your secure mobile browser, you will be prompted to log in.  Use the login and password you use to access your internet account. 

Not an internet banking customer?  From your computer, you can enroll in Internet Banking.  Once your enrollment is approved, you will have full use of U B Mobile.

What is the Cost?

United Bank does not charge for mobile service.  However, depending on the rate plan with your mobile service provider, you may incur charges when accessing the Internet.  Please verify with your mobile service provider before accessing any Internet sites.

Benefits of UBMobile?

U B Mobile allows you to view balances on all your United Bank accounts, keep track of transactions to your checking and savings accounts as soon as they post, make payments to your United Bank loans and credit cards, and transfer money between your United Bank accounts. All standard Internet Banking security features are applied at login, including dual authentication.

Customer Support

We offer convenient Online Customer Support! On www.UnitedBank.com, click on the Chat button and chat securely with us.  You can also contact us by calling 800-423-7026 or by emailing us at unitedbank@unitedbank.com.



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